tankos code

upgrade to debian 8

Just the Privacy and Security part

MAC to Vendor from apropos

ipduh https search fix and privacy stuff ...

Nameservers-DNS for Greek ISPs



svn immediates

grub rescue dual boot Ubuntu-Windows10 system after windows10 update

clone a KVM guest

Move KVM guest to another Host

ipduh v3

iBGP: Full Mesh vs Route Reflectors

dovecot SSL IMAP

TSIG authenticated zone transfers between Bind Servers

Trust the ipduh CA

Install debian packaged awstats

start a LinuX Container at boot

Change a container's root password from the host

Change the hostname in debian systems

Squeeze LXC on Wheezy

Linux pseudo interface i.e. dummy

Logrotate Notes

convert qcow2 kvm images to vdi virtualbox images


Fix display issues of virtual box debian guest

MySQL administration notes

delete tun interface

Tripwire how-to

apache disable SSLv3

libguestfs basics

enable administrator account on windows 10

lm-sensors debian

Mount qcow2 files in the host

unrar unrar-nonfree debian

bridged KVM guest how-to

L2 bridging for KVM

adding file storage devices in KVM guests

install gnome on jessie

Moving address books across icedove or thunderbird profiles or installations


Perl regex cheatsheet

windows 7 --disable-IPv6

Start winpcap manually.

Debian cpan Terminal does not support AddHistory

Remount as read-write a filesystem in linux

Windows 7 installation: Setup was unable to create a new partition or locate an existing system partition ....

Greek ham exam notes

samba file shares

KISS when debugging

debian jessie mikrotik winbox

make nameserver stick on ubuntu

edit mp3 tags, comments, etc with id3v2

basic NFS debian wheezy

LVM introduction notes

replace failed HD in a degraded linux RAID 1 array

wpa_passphrase debian voyage

A nice Perl Regex Debugger

Simple git backup Server

debian add printer


directadmin mysql open_files_limit

debian console speak Greek ....

perl ... debian package ... bash env ... locale .... crap ... tarrraaaa

raspberry pi software watchdog

keep raspberry pi images small

rsync basics

Install Module::Runtime for the Debian system Perl.

Drut --Default RoUTe manager

Raspberry Pi set keyboard layout to US

remove the desktop environment from raspberry pi raspbian

Install winbox on debian jessie

Mikrotik RouterOS Uplink Balancer

Torrent Search

Spectrum Usage 5GHz Athens Byron

winbox 64b debian linux

kvm jessie

net-tools and iproute2

Notes on migrating a virtualbox guest to KVM

linux vlan

KVM bridged networking troubleshooting

Many versions many profiles firefox linux Gnome

online shops search


Disable the NetworkManager in Debian

KVM debian change definition --add RAM

Install bitcoin from sources on debian wheezy

Tankos v4.2 and better video

Install virtualbox guest additions on debian 7

debian gnome disable lock screen and user logout

Basic Windows Networking Notes

install Gnome on Centos7

tankos v2 --a bad video

install litecoin qt debian wheezy

MongoDB on debian notes

Run after boot in debian

AWMN - motion of censure

Start a VirtualBox VM guest at logon in Windows7

PostgreSQL Notes

iw voyage linux

AWMN Insider

AWMN Internet Web search

wget mirror a website section to a directory

post-up --run a command once an if is up

ntop debian set administrator password and disable version checks

wpa_cli debian

centos 7 vnc server

notes on moving xen guests to KVM

Remove exim4 from debian wheezy

Synergy ubuntu and windows

system V init - debian

disable IPv6 Debian Wheezy

ssmtp setup debian squeeze

phpmyadmin install on debian

iptables port forwading - show up as connectable in torrent tracker

install litecoing binary on debian wheezy

procmail postfix debian

Reconfigure Locales fast on debian

debian wheezy ssl imap

mutt with postfix and Maildir

restore thunderbird on linux - it should not be that hard

Put debian on an Intel SS400 How-To

mod rewrite example

OpenWrt hybrid caching DNS How-to

A Monitor for Wireless internets that use BGP as their inter-AS Routing Protocol

django - MySQL - apache2 on debian notes

WTF Google "Safe" Browsing

Enable-Disable BGP peering based on signal strength

5GHz - 3x3 MIMO Antenna - 3x3 MIMO Feeder

thoughts on monitoring wirelless BGP internets

hp pro curve madness

Tor Node Setup Notes

debian installed packets depend on A debian package

Portsentry setup and 'portsenty.history to html script'

denyhosts on debian notes

unount samba shares

email a notice for every ssh login

Remove SSL certificate passfrase

madwifi ioctls

a simple UTC clock

Tripwire ...

NTP server status page script 2

OpenWrt MadWiFi ...

virsh basics

RS from OpenWrt kamikaze to OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment

a script that cleans awstats referral spam

Simple Web Statistics ...

ipduh_intel simple --an awstats plugin-- centos

Vim Favorites

Vim Greek Spell Checking

ipduh address lookup bug

2x2 MIMO nv2 measurements

AWMN Anycast DNS How-To

OpenVPN ... simple setup that works on wireless community networks ...

ADS USB to Ethernet adapter on debian Linux

Apache Reverse Proxy

Age Field Type on a DB joke

MySQL show me Greek Letters instead of Question Marks

Tunnels to the IPv6 Internet - 6in4

Debian on Debian KVM notes

Yet another AWMN hybrid caching DNS server - Ubuntu 12.04

Windows Down Left Cornet Popup -- malware hosts anonoyance

debian linux disable IPv6

Torrent daemon and file server linux debian

A simple web clock script

Harden Internet Facing RouterOS Routers

googlie here is yet another rant

Yet another Software RAID on Debian GNU Linux

Greek Gangsters with Suits

ssh_exchange_identification hosts.allow Debian

Debian Configure Default Editor

FTP server on Debian GNU Linux - proftpd

ntpclient OpenWrt Kamikaze

Hybrid Internet-AWMN Caching DNS server How-To

Put OpenWrt on a Linksys Network Storage Link NSL

MAC Telnet Debian

Software RAID 1 on Debian GNU Linux

devz How To

Get Permanent Root on Motorola Cliq

Get Root on your Motorola Cliq

Add all routes except the route

adb setup debian based linux

To Greek that you can Read -- iconv script

Adding a 3TB drive - Linux

A simple NTP status web-page script


SMART ... linux ...


Simple HTTP-web accessible syslog-ng Logs

How to Monitor a best effort BGP wireless internet -Part 2

How to Monitor a best effort BGP wireless internet -Part 1

The Storm and the busted Feeder

Monitor Wireless Links with Nagios - Part 1

Raspberry Pi SD card format

debian proper change of group and user ID

wheezy install Digest::SHA1

Bind9 signed zone transfers

debian install adobe flash player

Episode IV

Get them --a simple script that shows connections / IP address to an IP-TCP or IP-UDP port

start pidgin on boot - windows


Basic Bind > 9 Administration

The Bug Buster

Simple RouterOS Hotspot Setup

Test sSMTP

Fixing Munin Node Timeout Problem

Repair messed up debian munin nodes

The Spectrum around the 5GHz in downtown Athens

Traffic accounting per IP with iptables and munin

Net::Server Debian Linux

Remove ukash paysafe ransomware malware virus v2

Transmission Daemon & Samba on Debian

Install Samba Debian GNU Linux

directadmin suphp

/32 point-to-point Routing

A scam

USB sticks Linux

Linux Containers LXC Debian GNU Linux

Change Hostname Debian GNU Linux

disable popularity contest on debian

rs232 to terminal emulator debian

Persistent Static Routes Linux Debian

a Ghetto response to a ghetto DDOS attack on apache

Install SSLeay on debian the lazy way

openssl notes

add new Certificate Authorities to git

12.04 add Greek Input --Not the rocket science way that does not work

TFTP server Debian GNU Linux

Extract the public key from a p12

Basic Linux Wireless

Reverse Zone and Caching Nameserver for the AWMN Centos

Add the new HD to the old linux

read only filesystem for security ... huh?

NTP server - NTP client ... debian linux ubuntu etc

AWMN public hybrid caching DNS and PTR server

winbox on wine --Linux

caching DSN for the AWMN --outdated

Console into mikrotik RouterOS from Windows - HyperTerminal Settings

VMware windows 7 missing adapter --linux

Make /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf stick on ubuntu 12.04 LTS desktop

BCM4311 Network controller on debian like systems

weed out a list from another list

Disable Autorun on Windows XP pro

1,000,001 Apple iPhone and Apple iPad UUIDs available to everyone. All the Apple UUIDs are held by the FBI.

Busted Web Sites

The Internetz - Percentage of Real Users

Messing with Lists

DNT - Do Not Truck Joke

PROPAGANDA -> Set IPduh Apropos as your default search engine

Top 10 Countries with the best household Internet Connections

DNS leak ... anonymity checker ... kraaaa ...

ipduh_intel simple --an awstats plugin

revtun --a Reverse SSH tunnel maker

no need to be one more of the bots ddosing twitter

g0's disqus on Blogger ghetto hack

new stuff


1342191971 ... funny ipv6

syntax highligted source code snippets in HTML

Public DNS servers

Set up a Tor node on VirtualBox

ubuntu 12.04 LTS boots only from USB

Private Key and Certificate Signing Request CSR

Postfix user and mailbox aliases


Linux Firefox - Multiple Versions - Multiple Profiles Simultaneously

Linux Time -- time zone changes linux debian ubuntu

Linux - a NAT gateway

Snort Basic Setup

archive and compress a directory linux

install a courier imap ssl enabled daemon on debian based systems

SMTP conversation - Troubleshooting mail servers

add delete users - linux

install mod_perl for apache2 on debian

vim color syntax

IPv6 MTU size debugging

mysql add user

phpmyadmin debian ubuntu

c ... javascript linguistics ...

Arithmology - The Next Significant Epoch

SSH keys

mod evasive setup on debian or ubuntu

Software Management Tools Debian

Backup and Restore PostgreSQL DBs