ipduh search

i. Sum of all decline

ii. Lately,

iii. apropos

iiii. Torrent Search

v. Shops Search

vi. AWMN Search

viii. RFC Search

ix. Minor Cyberbrain Sclerosis

x. Anonymity Check

i. Sum of all decline

The ipduh site has been on the autopilot for the last four years.

The increasing politeness of the big crawling bots
and the decline in traffic from Google
matched and fed the decline of the ipduh infrastructure.

At it's peak the ipduh site was running on dozens of VMs on seven physical servers
on four different internets and the AWMN.

Now, a reduced infrastructure runs a degraded service.

ii. Lately,

I fixed a few glitches and restored some of the broken services.

iii. apropos

Now, most of apropos works.

Most errors return five high Internet entropy examples,
in case you need to fuzz ipduh or learn how it works.

Exempli gratia first five random usage examples ,

I meant first five random usage examples :)

five examples that I got around 1546476964

(btw, more about apropos)

Now, most of the ipduh custom googles work,
but they show too many ads.

v. Torrent Search

The bittorrent Search



vi. Shops Search

The Online Shops Search

https://ipduh.com/search/shops/?q=bath bombs

https://ipduh.com/search/shops/?q=3D printer

vii. AWMN Search

The Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network, AWMN Search


viii. RFC Search

The Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments, RFC Search


ix. Minor Cyberbrain Sclerosis

ipduh.com/el, which is a "some of ipduh in Greek" version of ipduh
does not work.

Now, that the minor cyberbrain sclerosis query
shows ipduh.com/el first on Google :)
it's time to restore ipduh.com/el.
btw, ipduh.com/el is restored
The old el home page is at ipduh.com/el/old, the /el runs another experiment now.
Hopefully, some time soon I will have a nice mobile friendly version for /el.

But nothing is forever,
the following picture shows ipduh first on the Google orgarnic results for "Minor Cyberbrain Sclerosis"

Usually, when one googles ipduh from Greece with
gets ipduh.com/el first in his organic results.
If you are located in Greece, please try and report.

ipduh.com/el is a descent resource given its size and the links to it.
Taking it down in order to achieve
the minor cyberbrain sclerosis promotion
was a "shoot your foot" SEO tactic.

Since, all of us leave in some Google bubble,
I wonder for how many of you does the minor cyberbrain sclerosis google query returns ipduh.com/el first in the organic results.

The following picture shows how a google query for ipduh shows in a friends' Google bubble somewhere in Greece.

x. Anonymity Check

Nothing is forever, so let's take some pictures.

The anonymity checker
in various caches and through various proxies across the web.

the anonymity checker in the google cache.

A picture of http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://ipduh.com/anonymity-check

the anonymity checker through the baidu translate service

the anonymity checker through the bing translate service

through some sogu service

        __     __
       / (_____) \
     /| ___   ___ |\
    (|| \__| |__/ ||)
     ||           ||
       \|       |/
        \ _____ /
    _   | \___/ |   _
    \\  /\_____/\  //
     \\/IPduh    \//
   Internet Forensics
.bashrc function 0 10.04 12.04 1333123455 1333333333 14.04LTS 2012 3x3 MIMO 5GHz 64b 6in4 802.11n adb add users address addressbook ads adsense alacarte aliases alog looks aLog.IPduh Country Rank analytics android anonymity anonymity check anonymous anoymous proxy anycast apache apache2 apple Apropos apt-cache apt-get archive arduino arithmology arp Athens atmega328P atmel atmel studio avr awk awmn awmn insider awmn search awnn AWStats bash BCM4311 BGP bIf bind bitcoin bitcoind bittorrent bittorrent search blah block_them boot bridge browser-plugin browsers busted busted sites Byron C centos centos 7 chm Chrome cifs cisco Class:Accessor color colour compress console containers copyright courier courier-imap-ssl cpan crap CSR cups cyberbrain ddos debian debian . linux debian 8 debianise debugger default search Desktop 12.04 LTS devz directadmin diskpart disqus django DNS dns cache dnsleak DNT Do Not Track dovecot dpkg drut dummy ebook electronics email env epoch epoch explorer errno 24 error etherisland example exim expect Firefox firefox profile firefox versions firewall force-self ftp full mesh funny funny ipv6 gdisk get_them ghetto git git-core gitweb gnome gnome-terminal gnome3 google Google powered search google translate googlie gpt Greece greek greek spelling check grub grub rescue grub2 guestfish guestmount HAM hd hids hostapd hostname hotspot https huh I2P icedove iceweasel iconv id3v2 IDS if imap imap ssl immediates installation internet forensics Internetz ios ip ip tables ipconfig ipduh IPduh lists ipduh node ipduh_intel ipduh.com ipduhca iperf iphone ipod iproute2 iptables ipv6 ipv6 tunnel iw jabber javascript jessie kamikaze Kareas keyboard kismet kismet_drone KISS when debugging kraaa kubuntu kvm learn libguestfs linux linux debian linux raid litecoin litecoin-qt lm-sensors local time locale locales Log::Dispatch logrotate logs lubuntu LVM lxc mac MACtelnet madwifi mail server mailman malware mean menu mikrotik minicom minor cyberbrain sclerosis mirror mod_perl Module::Runtime modules mongodb mount move mozilla mp3 mtu munin mutt mysql mysql client mysql replication MySQL server mysqladmin mysqlcheck mysqldump mysqlhotcopy nagios NAT nbd net-tools netem netsh netstat network-manager networking next-hop-self nfs nsl nslookup ntop ntp ntpdate nv2 nvidia online shops search open_files_limit openssl openvpn openwrt OSPF oups overcomplication paper params validate module path paysafe perl pg_dump phpmyadmin pi pics pidgin placeholder plugin POD portsentry post-up postfix PostgreSQL privacy privacy policy procmail proftp proto-41 proxy psql PTR public DNS servers python qcow qcow2 quagga raid RAID 1 ransomware rant rasbperry pi raspberry pi raspbian real users regex remount research resolv.conf resolvconf reverse DNS revtun REx rfc rndc ro robot root route Route Reflector router routeros routing rs232 rsync rw samba scam scanning screen search security sensors sensors-detect SEO sfdisk sftp shell shell prompt shops showunicode smart smartd smtp snort software packet software watchdog spam spectrum squeeze ss4000 SSH SSH keys ssh-add ssh-keygen sshfs SSL ssmpt storage Sub::Exporter subversion sum of all decline suphp svn synergy foss syntax syntax highlight syslog-ng system V init tankos tar tc TCL tftp thunderbird Time::Format timezone tls Tor Torexit torrent torrents transmission tripwire TSIG tun tzdata ubuntu ukash unicode unicoded unix unrar usb usb ethernet adapter utc utf8 vacuumdb vdi vi vim virsh virt-cat virt-clone virt-df virt-filesystems virt-list-filesystems virt-resize virtualbox virtualbox NAT vlan vmdk vmware vncserver voyage voyage linux vpn web browsers wget whatever wheezy wids wifi winbox windblows windos10 windows windows 10 windows 7 windws 7 wine winpcap wireless wireshark wpa wpa_cli wpa_passphrase wtf xen xfs XP xrdp xterm xworst yeah right yum zic ΑΜΔΑ