I haven't really worked on IPduh for years.

The original Google powered search of IPduh was queried for everything that apropos was unable to solve. That broke a while ago, but recently I put together a ten minute work around. I may be able to put it together like it was using the new Google Search API, but I am working on other things now and I am not going to have the time to play with it anytime soon.

For what it's worth, the original Google powered search would sieve on IPduh, Security Sites and Lists, RFCs, GNU/Linux sites and lists, Finance sites, BSD sites and lists, and others. Some pictures showing it working in action are following.

The Torrent search was pretty funny too, I google-dorked on it until my little nephew was able to find her favorite kids movies with Greek subtitles on her own. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture showing the "Subtitles" button.

Memento mori buddies.