move kvm guest notes

Move (not live migration) a KVM VM from a host B to a host C.

Assuming that the guest VM is bridged and that both KVM hosts are in the same ethernet segment.

Shutdown guest VM.

Copy guest VM image from host B to host C.
b# scp /vm/vm2.qcow2 root@c:/vm

Dump XML definition and copy it to the destination host.
b# virsh dumpxml vm2 > vm2.xml
b# scp vm2.xml root@c:/etc/libvirt/qemu

On host C (the destination host) define the quest xml definition.
c# virsh define /etc/libvirt/qemu/vm2.xml
Domain vm2 defined from /etc/libvirt/qemu/vm2.xml

Start VM guest on the destination system.
c# virsh start vm2
Domain vm2 started

Disable autostart for the VM guest in B (the original host).
b# virsh autostart vm2 --disable
Domain vm2 unmarked as autostarted

Enable autostart for the moved VM guest in C (the destination host).
c# virsh autostart vm2
Domain vm2 marked as autostarted

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