windows 7 disable IPv6

To disable all IPv6 components except the IPv6 loopback interface add to the Registry Key

an 0xFF DisabledComponents DWORD.

To Confirm that IPv6 is disabled everywhere but the loopback if.
C:\Windows\system32>reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic
es\Tcpip6\Parameters /v DisabledComponents

    DisabledComponents    REG_DWORD    0xff

ipconfig /all

netsh interface ipv6 show neighbors

If you want to disabled just Teredo or just ISATAP you could use the following netsh commands.

Disable Teredo Tunneling
netsh interface teredo set state disabled

Disable ISATAP - RFC5214
C:\Windows\system32>netsh interface isatap set state disabled

Microsoft Help article and related wizards

windows 7 --disable-IPv6