debian, console speak greek

Show and Input greek and other utf8 characters in a debian console

Debian GNU/Linux 7 \n \l
If you are using the gnome windows manager, then the gnome-terminal is the culprit (I could not figure out how to make it UTF-8 literate) and the Internets are full of bad advice ... gnome-terminal Unicode UTF-8

The easiest way to get a slick utf-8 able terminal emulator is to use xterm with UTF-8 encoding eg -en UTF-8 or gnome-terminal Unicode UTF-8

Even though xterm in debian 7 is using UTF-8 encoding by default beeing explicit does not hurt
$ xterm -en UTF-8

an easy way to put it in your gnome menu is to use alacarte
# apt-get install alacarte
# exit
and put in Accessories -> New Item
NAME => xterm-UTF8
Command => /usr/bin/xterm -en UTF-8

debian console speak Greek ....