Disable KVM dnsmasq

Disable KVM dnsmasq DHCP and TFTP

One or more guests are using the default host-guest KVM network and dnsmask provides DHCP, caching DNS (and TFTP) to the guests e.g.
# netstat -puta |grep dnsmasq
tcp        0      0    *:*                     LISTEN      709/dnsmasq     
udp        0      0    *:*                                 709/dnsmasq     
udp        0      0 *:bootps                *:*                               709/dnsmasq   

Set other caching DNS and static IP address(es) in the guest(s)

View and backup the default KVM host-guest network configuration
# cd /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks
# stor default.xml
# cat default.xml 


Stop the guest-host KVM network
# virsh net-destroy default

Edit the default KVM network
# virsh net-edit default
and get rid off the ... settings.

Start the network
# virsh net-start default
Network default started