winbox on 64b linux debian

"Install" winbox to a 64 bit debian linux using wine.

It should work just fine ( even though I did not try ) in 64b Ubuntu Systems if you replace 'su' with 'sudo -s' in the commands below.

Winbox is a GUI administration Tool for RouterOS routers made by Mikrotik

Wine is a piece of software that enables Windows executables to run on a Linux GNU system.

Install wine and download winbox
$ su
# dpkg --add-architecture i386
# apt-get install wine-bin:i386
# cd /usr/local/bin/
# wget

Add wined winbox on the Gnome Menus using alacarte --a Gnome menus editor
# apt-get install alacarte
# exit
$ alacarte
add a new item
of Type Application
with a command like the following:
wine /usr/local/bin/winbox.exe
Close --save

winbox 64b debian linux