spectrum ~ 5 GHz - 6 GHz - Byron Athens

The Spectrum from 4,91 GHz - 6,1 GHz in Byron, Athens ~280m altitude.

280m is pretty high for Athens.
Athens is at sea level and most buildings are around 4 floors tall.

I used a 10 dBi omni antenna with 10 degree Vertical and 360 degree Horizontal Beamwidths and best for 5400 - 5850 MHz according the the manufacturer.

The antenna Radiation E and H Planes

Spectrum Usage around 5GHz - 6GHz

It was made with a RouterOS powered machine using the command
/interface wireless spectral-history 5GHz-AP-KAREAS range=4910-6110
where 5GHz-AP-KAREAS is the name of the wireless interface connected to the omni antenna.
The wireless interface is the one coming with the 912 mikrotik boards.

A few pictures from the location --the ipduh AWMN node

You can see Acropolis in this picture

Spectrum Usage 5GHz Athens Byron