Linux mozilla iceweasel firefox multiple versions multiple profiles simultaneously --Gnome-- --a better way :)

A significant amount of the tiny bit of traffic that this blog gets is due to the Linux Firefox Multiple Versions Multiple Profiles simultaneously recipe.

That means that a bunch of good people may use one of my silly recipes that I stopped using in gnome desktops shortly thereafter I put it here.

This is a short recipe that describes another way to use multiple profiles and multiple versions of mozilla based browsers in gnome desktops. I tested this recipe a few times in debian wheezy with gnome2 --classic.

Install alacarte
$ sudo apt-get install alacarte
Alacarte is a Gnome Menu Editor

Create iceweasel or firefox profiles
$ iceweasel -P
$ firefox -P
In case you are using both browsers ( brandings ) any of the above commands should create compatible profiles that may be used by both.

Fireup alacarte
$ alacarte

Create in alacarte menus,submenus whatever ( optional )

Create within alacarte items and put in the command placeholder for every item something like the following
iceweasel -p some_profile_name --no-remote
firefox -p some_other_profile_name --no-remote
/path/to/some/other/version/of/mozilla/firefox -p yet_another_profile_name --no-remote

Many versions many profiles firefox linux Gnome