ntop debian set administrator password

set ntop administrator password on debian using the debian ntop packet ( ntop v.4.99.3 (64 bit) )

# dpkg-reconfigure ntop

ntop man page
By default at startup and at periodic intervals, the ntop program will retrieve a  file  containing  current  ntop  program  version  information.
Retrieving this file allows this ntop instance to confirm that it is running the most current version.
The retrieval is done using standard http:// requests, which will create log records on the hosting system.  These log records do contain information which identifies a specific ntop site.  Accordingly, you are being notified that this individually identifiable information is  being  transmitted and recorded.
to disable the the "tracking" add
to the startup options at /etc/init.d/ntop

ntop debian set administrator password and disable version checks