synergy - ubuntu 10.04 and windows 7

A quick note on choosing a synergy version that works OK on an Ubuntu 10.04 64b box.

Choose synergy-1.4.16-r1969-Linux-x86_64.deb and not the 1.4.17 or an 1.3.* version otherwise dependencies, shift and CTRL keys will drive you crazy ... get it from

The synergy client
$ cat /etc/issue /etc/debian_version 
Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS \n \l

$ sudo -s
# wget
# dpkg -i synergy-1.4.16-r1969-Linux-x86_64.deb
# synergyc -f

Whups, I forgot a short description ...
synergy is pieces of software that let you share a keyboard and a mouse among computers in your LAN. It is like a KVM on steroids and I have been using it on and off for many years ... and I would recommend it to everyone ... more about it at

Synergy ubuntu and windows