WTF Google Safe Browsing

WTF Google Safe Browsing?



IPduh is not compromised and has nothing to do with malware distribution.
Quite the opposite is True.


Google Safe Browsing thank you for waisting my time, the headache and this post.

What Happened

ipduh has a little simple tool called bouncer that checks if a URI is mentioned in a black list before forwarding you there. It is used mostly to hide referrals by people who post links and it uses --among other external and ipduh tools-- the Google Safe Browsing API ( when it works ) --what an irony! ( on multiple levels )

So, Safe Browsing saw uris like the following and made some false associations.

According to Google Safe Browsing those sites were distributing malware at some time.
For most of the sites above the bouncer was saying:
Please check dns/bl

Still want to go? Use: www

A Few Pointers to the Safe Browsing People

  • You are not the only one who may warn about potentially malicious websites.
  • When you say that x site is very bad be sure about it.
  • Vague Scary Words do not help anyone.
  • If you continue using URI associations like that you are going to become a First Grade Annoyance Tool that can easily be manipulated by clueless haxors with one week of training.

WTF Google "Safe" Browsing