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Vi Improved , Vim , is a just right programmer's editor.

This is not a good place to learn how to use or about the vim editor -- if you are starting with vim try here and here -- This is not even a good ,yet another, vim cheat-sheet.

It is just a list of stuff that I like about vim and I think that you should know if you are using vim to write programs.

On the table below I call:
the Normal Mode NMode:,
the Insert Mode IMode:,
the Command Mode : ,
the Visual Mode VMode.

For More on modes
:h vim-modes

 #g0 vim favorites
  >> NMode: Moves current line one Tab to the right.
  << NMode: Moves current line one Tab to the left.
  J NMode: Joins current line with the next line.
  ~ NMode: Flip the case of the current (under the cursor) letter
  $ NMode: Jump to the last character of the line
  0 NMode: Jump to the first column of the line
  Ctrl+P IMode: Keyword Completion - Previous Matching Words First
  Ctrl+N IMode: Keyword Completion - Next Matching Words First
  Ctrl+x Ctrl+l IMode: Line Completion - Complete with previous Matching Line
  Ctrl+V NMode: Enter Vertical Visual Mode. Select Vertical-Visual Block using the arrows
  I VMode: Insert Text Before the selected Visual Block
  x VMode: Delete the selected Visual Block
  s VMode: Replace the selected Visual Block with some other text
  :u : Undo
  Ctrl+r NMode: Undo Undo
  . NMode: Repeat Previous Command
  :! : See out of External Command entered after !
  :r! : Insert output of the external command entered after !
  / NMode: Search Forward - use n to repeat search forward and N to repeat search backward
  ? NMode: Search Backward - use n to repeat search backward and N to repeat search forward
  Ctrl+a NMode: Increment by 1 the current (under the cursor) number
  Ctrl+x NMode: Decrement by 1 the current (under the cursor) number
  :set cindent : Enable Automatic Indentation ( good in default but configurable :h C-indenting )
  :set ingnorecase : Ignore Case in Following Searches
  :set noingnorecase : Do Case Sensitive Search in Following Searches
  :set wildmenu : Command Tab Completion - Show Possible Commands
  :%s/old/new/g : Search and Replace Globally
  :%s/old/new/cg : Search and Ask Before Replacing Globally
  :s/old/new/g VMode: Search and Replace In the Selected Area Globally
  :set showmatch : Higlight Matching { ( [
  :set spell : Enable Spell Checking
  :set nospell : Disable Spell Checking
  Ctrl+x Ctrl+k IMode: Dictionary Lookup of current word
  :set number on : Show Line Cumbers
  :set nonumber : Hide Line Cumbers
  :setlocal spell spelllang=el : Set Spell Checking Dictionary to el.utf-8.spl (Greek)
  vim -d file1 file2 fileN Command Line: Vim Diff files file1 file2 fileN
  mn NMode: Mark register n ( the xy position under the cursor )
  `n NMode: Jump to the register n marked earlier with mn
  :sp : Show file in two subwindows
  :sp filename : Open file filename in a subwindow
  Ctrl+w Ctrl+w NMode: Jump to other subwindow
  Ctrl+wq NMode: Quit a subwindow
  y VMode: yank - copy - Save selected text
  d VMode: delete selected text
  > VMode: move selected text to the right
  < VMode: move selected text to the left
  ~ VMode: flip case of selected text
  p NMode: paste - saved-yanked text after the cursor
  :w filename : Save file subwindow etc to filename

Also available in plain ascii
$ wget

url: vim favorites