Windows Down Left Corner ad popup

A friend has been complaining about annoying advert pop-ups on most web-sites. She also noticed they were popping up on alog.ipduh and not popping up on a few large sites and ;).

After looking at her windows system I found a few pieces of malware and deleted them and then I noticed that the popups were still popping up in ~9/10 web-sites showing adverts from many ad networks and google adsense. Nothing weird (that I could see ) was running so I thought of looking at the hosts file before start looking at the system for rootkits and put it in a network that I can look all the traffic from it. The hosts file was --of course-- hidden and had all kinds of annoying attributes.

See and Edit the hosts file
cd C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
cacls.exe hosts /g builtin\users:R
cacls.exe hosts /e /g builtin\administrators:F
cacls.exe hosts /e /g "nt authority\system:F"
attrib.exe -s -h -a -r hosts

This is what I Found at the very bottom of a 20 pages long hosts file

If you are like my friend,
you made it here and you are wondering what to do now ...
delete the lines above and save the hosts file at

Windows Down Left Cornet Popup -- malware hosts anonoyance