Greek Gangsters with Suits

There is a country where incompetent, laughable, corrupted gangsters wearing suits become politicians , create iffy organizations , and rape on a daily basis the rest of the people.

Greece is that country ...
and today's subject is a corrupt iffy organization named run by non-technical gangsters who have become experts in suing grandpas, taxi drivers , and souvlaki sellers for listening to radio or reproducing 400 year old songs.

Depending on the day of the week AEPI operates as a Collective Administration Organization or an Inc.

However, most of the time AEPI operates as a traditional mafia organization selling `the right to music` to coffee shops, bars, hair-dressers, kiosks , fast-food shops , taxi-drivers ... whoever.

AEPI, for the most part, is harassing people who cannot afford a lawyer and creates a mess in everything it touches. It is yet another factor contributing to the Greek misery. Supposedly it represents artists but the artists in that union are for the most part untalented and no-popular. These "artists" are loosers with no common sense flying many miles upon Earth. Even the scheme used to distribute the AEPI earnings to the represented untalented no-popular artists is a scam.

Recently AEPI came up with one more idea proving their technical inefficiencies, all around low IQ, and bad taste.

This time AEPI wants to force Internet Service Providers operating in Greece to cut access to a ~10 torrent directories.

Will the tasteless, low-intellect, sub-humans running aepi figure out that cutting access to such web sites is impossible?

Will AEPI go bankrupt for infringing upon China's Great Firewall Idea?

Seriously though, some time soon, the rest of the people in Greece will wake up ...

Greek Gangsters with Suits