transmission daemon -- a bittorrent daemon

Install the transmission bittorrent client as a daemon managed with a web GUI.

# sudo -s
# apt-get install transmission-daemon

# mkdir /green/samba/share/torrents
# mkdir /green/samba/share/torrents/incomplete

settings are at /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json and the web interface is pretty good in telling you what is wrong with them until you get them right.

Add the samba user to the debian-transmission group, adjust ownership and permissions , and restart the bittorrent daemon.
# usermod -a -G debian-transmission samba-user
# chown -R samba-user.debian-transmission /green/samba/share/torrents/
# chmod -R 775  /green/samba/share/torrents/
# invoke-rc.d transmission-daemon reload

Transmission Daemon & Samba on Debian