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Today, while browsing my crap mail folder, I came across a ridiculous piece of mail. Some amazing moron named Scott Jacobs tried to sell me patronage and protection from complaints on an email send at whois@my-domain.com --an email address used only on whois listings. He supposedly spot a complaint on scam.com that the could 'eradicate'. Unfortunately, I was not able to look at the complaint myself and laugh. Someone(s) has been DoSsing the hell out of scam.com --I wonder why.

The piece of email he sent:



We have noticed you have a complaint on Scam.com:


We represent companies affected by negative reviews on RipoffReport.com,
Yelp.com, Complaintsboard.com, Scam.com, PissedConsumer.com and other
business review websites.  We can often negotiate the removal of content
from the internet, based on our pre-existing relationship with the
offending website. Over the past year we were able to help over 200
clients to date remove negative content pertaining to their brand
completely removed. That's right, not bury or suppressed, but fully
removed. However, In cases where we are unable to come to a resolution
with the offending site, we help you explore your legal options.  We do
not just simply bury or hide complaints through SEO (known in the
Reputation Management industry as burials, our goal is to erase the
negative reviews completely to clean our clients reputation online.  If
you have negative reviews, and would like to hear what we can do for you,
please respond to this email or give us a call.

PLEASE NOTE, we do not own any "scam.com" where complaints are posted, nor
can we personally control people posting complaints.  We represent and
fight for your rights, in removing defamatory or negative content.  Our
organization has been in business for over three years and we have helped
hundreds of clients protect their business from complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I heard that no one can remove content from websites.  How can you? It ís
true, most websites will not work with any business directly.  However,
having worked with them before, we are able to negotiate the removal of
complaints in 90%+ of cases.  It depends on the type of complaint.

What is the process?
Each case is different.  How many complaints are there?  What types of
complaints are they (ie do they allege fraud, or just customer service
issues)?  What websites are the complaints posted on?  Do you know who
posted the complaint?  All of these questions can affect how we go about
solving your problem, and almost every problem has a solution.  With some
websites we have a previous relationship, and are able to quickly
negotiate the removal directly with the site.  In other cases, we help you
explore your legal options and connect you with our experienced lawyer.

In some cases we do have a full guarantee to get the complaint removed,
and you will not pay unless we are successful. In other cases, if the
legal system needs to be used, we do not have a guarantee, but will
provide an overview of your options before you go forward.

Time frame?
In some cases the complaint can be removed within a week.  In other cases
it can take months.  It depends on the situation.

Our minimum cost is $500, but it depends on the number of complaints and
the situation.  If the legal system is needed, in many cases it takes our
lawyer less than 5-10 hours of work.  Again, it depends on the situation,
and we will provide you with your options during our free assessment.

Why do I need you?
Most websites are not willing to talk to businesses directly, and they
claim that they will under no circumstance remove content.  With some of
these websites, we have relationships where they will work with us
privately.  Internet law and defamation is a unique area outside the
skill-set and experience of many law firms, and most lawyers have much
higher costs than our lawyer does.  Simply said, we have more experience,
key relationships, and can likely do this at a lower cost than other
competitors or lawyers you would hire.

Do you get compensation for your clients?
Most of our clients simply want the content removed, as quickly and cost
effectively as possible.  However, yes, our lawyers do defamation cases
and have successfully won defamation cases.

Does it matter if the complaint is true or false?
Not necessarily.

Does it matter if I know who did it?
No.  We can obtain this information in most cases.

How to contact us:



This message contains confidential information and is intended only for
the individual named. It may also be privileged or otherwise protected by
work product immunity or other legal rules. If you are not the named
addressee you should not disseminate, distribute, copy this e-mail, or
disclose its contents to anyone. Please notify the sender immediately by
e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail
from your system. The recipient should check this email and any
attachments for the presence of viruses. E-mail transmission cannot be
guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted,
corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.
The sender does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the
contents of this message, which arise as a result of e-mail transmission,
nor does the sender accept liability damage caused by any virus
transmitted by this email.

Please reply "remove" to this email if you would no longer like to receive
emails from our firm. We send emails for the sole purpose of letting
business owners and webmasters know that their business has a complaint
online on a negative media site.


Good grammar and BS skills Scottie, In case you did not receive the response I never send use your imagination to put it together. It starts with an F and ends in an off.

Finally made it to the "complaint." It 's about hellopeter.com a website not related to ipduh whatsoever. WTF Scottie? ... lay off the crack pipe ...

A scam scam.com