1,000,001 Apple iPhone and Apple iPad UUIDs available to everyone. All the Apple UUIDs are held by the FBI.

All the Apple iPhone and iPod devices have a hardcoded Universally Unique Identifier String of characters, UUID. According to Anonymous a list of all apple UUIDs along with full owner names, device types ,cell numbers , addresses , zipcodes , etc is held by the FBI.

The Anonymous claim that somehow they got a hold of this ~12 million devices long list and decided to release a part of it so everyone can look at it. So they released a list containing 1,000,001 UUID, Apple DevTokens, User Defined Device Names, and Device types. The anonymous trimmed out personal data such as full names, cell numbers, addresses, zipcodes, etc.

This way a ridiculously large amount of people can certify the Anonymous' claim and blackhats cannot do too much with the list. This is also a good way for any organization interested in buying this list to verify its validity.

I do not own any Apple iOS devices , I know I am weird , so I do not have a way to verify that this list is legit. Then again, only 1,000,001/~12,000,000 UUIDs were released. I will guess that it is a legitimate list and that the Anonymous who released it are not lying.

So, if you or someone in your family own a good looking shiny jail --iOS device- please try to find the UUID in the list.

You can download the list from any of this

If you want to download the list I would recommend to: download the list , grep for your UUIDs , delete the list and all associated files , let everyone know if you did find you UUID corresponding to your User Defined Device Name.

Here is a little script that decrypts the list:
md5sum $1
echo "Does the above MD5sum match e7d0984f7bb632ee19d8dda1337e9fba ?If yes the file downloaded is the original file"
echo "When asked use the password: antis3cs5clockTea#579d8c28d34af73fea4354f5386a06a6"
openssl aes-256-cbc -d -a -in $1 -out decryptedfile.tar.gz
tar -xvzf decryptedfile.tar.gz
echo "the list is at iphonelist.txt"

To find out if your UUID and User Defined Device Name is listed try:
$grep myUUIDhere iphonelist.txt
$grep myUDDNhere iphonelist.txt

To permanently delete the list and the related files use shred, secure-delete tools, or some other tested digital shredder
Using shred:
$shred -u -z -n 30 decryptedfile.tar.gz
$shred -u -z -n 30 iphonelist.txt
$shred -u -z -n 30 download.txt
Now restart to wipe off RAM:
$sudo shutdown -r now

Using secure-delete:
$sudo apt-get install secure-delete
$srm decryptedfile.tar.gz
$srm iphonelist.txt
$srm download.txt
Memory Wipe:
$sudo shutdown -r now

This Post is based on this Pastebin Paste.

1,000,001 Apple iPhone and Apple iPad UUIDs available to everyone. All the Apple UUIDs are held by the FBI.