Set IPduh Apropos as your default search engine

On Firefox and most mozilla based browsers:

To add Apropos to the Search Engines:

Install the Firefox IPduh apropos add-on

  • visit IPduh
  • click on the down arrow used to select search engine
  • click on Add IPduh Apropos.

To set IPduh Apropos to the search engine used for invalid URLs :
  • Enter about:config in the browser location bar.
  • Promise, you 'll be carefull.
  • Enter keyword.URL in the Filter: under the location bar.
  • Double-click on the keyword.URL result.
  • Enter in the text box that pops up
  • OK and close the about:config tab.

On Chrome and Chrome based browsers
  • visit IPduh
  • Click the Wrench
  • Click Settings
  • Choose IPduh Apropos Search from the drop down list in the Search section under "Set which search engine is used when searching from the omnibox"

Adding Apropos to your browser should be part of the IPduh Manual.
Now (1346608072) it is.

About IPduh Apropos

PROPAGANDA -> Set IPduh Apropos as your default search engine