No need to be one more of the bots DDOSing Twitter

Hence, I am taking off the twitter feed of aLog.

DDOS --yeah right! That has become something like the "The dog ate my homework".
I got this excuse the other day from a technician in a Data Center as well.
It took me less than 5 min looking through logs to figure out once again their glorified fuckup.

What I know is that you can safely substitute DDOS attack with Staff mistake , or Staff negligence, or Equipment Failure, or Power Failure 75% of the time.

Hosting the twitter status on tumblr is also kind of funny.

I may sound mean, but I am good and soft on the inside and I love all the people mentioned above.

I am putting the Twitter feed back. ( latest update 215 days ago 1343800309 )

Taking it off again ( 1343812703 )

no need to be one more of the bots ddosing twitter