DNSleak DNSleaks DNS leak DNS leaks

What is a dns leak? --It is easier to explain with an example.

You leave in Banania and are using some kind of proxy that routes all your HTTP and HTTPS traffic through an IP address in Americania. However, all your DNS queries go through your own or your ISP's DNS resolver(s) in Banania.

Your virtual-proxy connection leaks your local network DNS resolver(s) --your real location or an approximation of your real location is leaked to whoever care to check --a "DNS leak". If the Anonymity Checker can find it, then a multi million company can find it as well.

A little Rant:

DNSleak --what a catchy name. I just came across a thread mentioning it and then I saw a site named dnsleaks dot something ... hehe ... the anon checker has been sniffing DNS resolvers for a while . It is funny that someone suggested to me to use that dnsleakie site. I did use it --I am not sure if he used the Anon Checker --that thread subject. I just think that it is a sign of ignorance if not profanity to see that dnsleaking thing being suggested as a supplement to the Anonymity Checker.

The other way around would be OK ;-). It is absolutely fine to write a tool that does 1/1000 of another tool and devote your whole existence in promoting it but please do not suggest it as a supplement to the tool that does the same stuff better along with 999 things more. It is also absolutely fine to write a tool that does one thing or even a half of a thing that the Anon Checker does not do and then suggest it as a supplement to the Anon Checker. Arrgh ... me talking about morals again. ΦυCκ morals, do what you want, it 's a `free` world. But I am your nemesis.

The anon checker is at least one gazillion times better in finding privacy leaks and at least 100 times better in finding DNS leaks.

The anon checker will attempt to find the DNS resolver(s) you are using many times and it will give a whole lot more information about the resolver(s) you are using than the dnsleaking site. It will even tell you what ports your caching name servers use for outgoing queries. IPv4 name servers , IPv6 name servers , IPv4 in IPv6 out name servers , IPv6 in IPv4 out name servers ... it does not matter, the anon checker will find them all -- The anon checker is that good :)

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