Countries with the best household connections to the Internet - looking for the Top 10

Battle of the Pipes ... naaah this battle is between data collectors and datasets.

I will try to figure out the first 10 countries with the best household Internet connections. I will take into account the percentage of households with Internet access in each country. It is going to be a long post with a lot of graphs and many words. You may want to jump to the results: the aLog.IPduh Country Rank

Download Throughput according to Measurement Lab: I am including Germany , United States , Latvia , United Kingdom , Greece, and Czech Republic because they are very close to each other. I am including Luxembourg and Japan because they are in the top three countries according to other data. There are no data for South Korea in this Data Set.

Median Download Throughput in the Measurement Lab data: The Top 10 is pretty much the same.

Median Upload Throughput in the Measurement Lab Data: Hello Romania, Lithuania , and Sweden.

Number of unique clients in the Measurement Lab Data: According to this I should give extra points to the United States ( almost twice the clients from the second ) and the UK ( almost three times more clients than the 3rd ). But some of the other countries are significantly smaller, so not very many extra points to the first two.

Round Trip Time according to the Measurement Lab Data: Hello Japan, Romania , Finland , and Latvia.

Measurement Lab measures other things as well. With the exception of the "Weigthted receiver window scale" all other data are too scattered. I am not going to take all the other Measurement Lab measurements into account. I may come back and revise this, once I am done reading those seventy RFCs.

Also, I am going to give a very low weight to the Measurement Lab Data because they don't contain data about medal favorite countries.

Download and Upload Speed Rank according to the Ookla data --a Rich and Cosmopolitan dataset. There are data for the gold-medal favorites South Korea and Hong Kong in this dataset.

I do have a few objections for the quality and reliability of the tests performed by Ookla but even if I assume that there are fundamental flaws producing measurement errors these measurement errors should spread evenly across all the contestant countries. Therefore, for my purpose --to produce a rank-- this dataset is good and I will give a large weight to it.

Looking at the percentage of households with access to the Internet from the OECD Factbook 2011.On this part I will assume bad rank for countries with no data. I will give a large weight to the percentage of households with Internet Access. What good does it make to provide super fast connections to 7% of the households. South Korea gets the gold with 95.9%.

To cross-check the OECD Factbook for European Countries I am going to use The Eurostat Brodband Penetration Rate dataset. Things are not looking good for Romania, Latvia, Greece, and Lithuania here.

The pando infographic: I will give a small weight to the rank in this infographic because I do not have access to the dataset produced it and because countries 2-5 ( Romania , Bulgaria , Lithuania , and Latvia ) perform poorly in the eurostat broadband penetration statistics.

The Akamai Data: I did not do the crunching ... I should and I will. Pingdom produced this and this.

The weights-factors.

I changed my mind. I am not going to use the Measurement Lab dataset because it does not contain a few golden medal favorites.

1) I will give 3 --the best factor-- to the rank produced by the Ookla dataset.

2) For the broadband penetration I will use the Eurostat, the OECD data, and a bit of research to produce a rank and give it a factor of 2.

3) I will give 1 to the pando rank.

4) I will give 3 to the rank produced from the Akamai Data.

I will use a pretty simple method to produce my rank.All the country ranks above are multiplied by their list factors-weights to produce the Penalty Points for every country. Next, the penalty points from all the ranks are added up for each of the countries. As you already guessed the country that will end up with the less Penalty Points wins the gold medal. You also guessed the undisputed champion.

The spreadsheet producing the aLog.IPduh Country Rank

The Results: The aLog.IPduh Country Rank
  1. South Korea
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Luxemburg
  4. Andorra
  5. Lithuania
  6. Singapore
  7. Japan
  8. Netherlands
  9. Sweden
  10. Romania

IP numbers Country Rank

Top 10 Countries with the best household Internet Connections