Public DNS servers

Public DNS Servers

What's in for you:
Every ISP provides a couple or more DNS resolvers. Some companies provide DNS resolvers that are accessible by the whole Internet and some of these companies enhance this service to something more than just DNS resolving. Some of the Public DNS servers will warn you about malicious or phising sites. Some could direct you away from pornography or "non-Family Friendly" sites. The Public DNS servers on this list may be faster or slower than the ones provided by your ISP depending on your location and Internet connectivity.

What's in for the DNS Providers:
The DNS providers may produce statistics about Internet usage, figure out domain popularity, discover domain names in use, or analyze malware infections. The DNS providers could also gain traffic by redirecting nonexistent , "mailicious" , "phising" , "pornography" , "non-Family Friendly", and invalid DNS queries.

Your DNS provider sees what domains you visit. If a DNS provider is shady or compromised your traffic could be directed to "bad" sites that pretend to be your web mail provider or your bank and steal your passwords or ... --the Sky is the limit on what a bad dude can do when he gets control of your DNS. So pick your DNS provider carefully and perhaps choose more than one to spread the DNS queries and retain a tiny bit more of your privacy. Fast, secure , and reliable caching DNS resolvers are subjective to your perception, your location and your Internet Connectivity. To find out the best public caching DNS resolvers for you test, test again , and then test some more.

Provider: OpenNic Project: www ,  whois


and at least a few dosen more

Provider: Google www , whois


Provider: Neustar, Inc. www
whois ,  whois ,  whois

Provider: OpenDNS  www , whois

Provider: Norton  www ,  whois
Security ( it warns about malware & phising sites )

Security + Pornography

Security + Pornography + Non-Family Friendly

Provider: Verison , whois , whois

Provider: Level3  www ,  whois

Provider: Comodo  www ,  whois

Provider: Speakeasy, Inc.     whois ,  whois

Provider: Cisco www ,  whois

An updated Public DNS Servers list

To figure out what DNS resolvers are used by your local or proxy system visit the Anonymity Checker

Public DNS servers